Great Corporate Event

Nighttime in the desert is special because it comes alive. The way the rocks and cactus silhouette themselves against the sky creates an otherworldly landscape that is unforgettable.

We have different sights for different size groups. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide will point out and describe many plants and animals you see along the trial. Wayward Wind Tours, Inc. is proud to offer a genuine cowboy desert cookout. What could be more appealing than arriving at a sight, a crackling bonfire, and a scene right out of a western movie to greet your guests. Remember, these are private, remote locations, far from any electric lights or sound of traffic. These campsites are not permanently set; we move them in and out daily. All of the lighting is by fire or gas lantern in the evening. There will be pots of hot cowboy coffee set at the edge of the fire with plenty of blue speckled mugs. There will be iced coolers full of cold beverages. All around the campfire will be simple benches covered with colorful Mexican blankets.

Dine in the Desert

At a separate fire, the cook will be busy rustling up a larapin good meal. Groups under 25 will be hand served. For groups 25+, we will have buffet style for our guests. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner cookouts are available. Special catering needs can be arranged in advance.

In keeping with the genuine western experience, the entertainment will be appropriate. Our cowboy guides will perform songs and poetry, along with real stories of the land and trail. There will be humor, emotion and lots of audience participation.

Create Memories

For every group, we will provide lighted toilets and hand washing facilities. They will be the kind used on construction sights, clean and odor free. A cowboy balladeer, story tellers, telescopes and much more are also available.

This is the finest program of its kind ever offered to individuals or small groups. We take a lot of pride in everything we do and we intend to make this the showpiece of our short programs.

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