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Where is the Sonoran Desert ?

The Sonoran Desert covers the southwestern 1/3 of Arizona, a sliver of Southeastern California, the peninsula of Baja, the islands of the Sea of Cortez and Northwest Sonora Mexico. Phoenix and its suburbs are completely surrounded by beautiful, raw Sonoran Desert. It is a short trip to the edge of the city to see the Sonoran Desert as it has existed for thousands of years.

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Will we see Saguaro Cactus ?

Yes. There are tens of thousands of Saguaro Cactus in the surrounding area.

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Why are there holes in Cactus?

The Gila Woodpecker hammers most of these holes hunting for insects or building resting nests.

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What are the holes in the ground?

Kangaroo Rats, mice and other small mammals make most of the burrows. Tarantulas also burrow holes to live in.

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Are Tarantulas venomous?

Yes. Tarantulas use venom to kill their insect prey. However, their venom is not dangerous to humans. Although their bite is painful, Tarantulas are peaceful creatures and do not bite unless they feel threatened.

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After we schedule our tour, where do we meet our cowboy guide?

Wayward Wind Tours, Inc. will send one of our genuine cowboy guides directly to your hotel or home in the greater Phoenix area in one of our custom 4x4 vehicles to pick you up and at the completion of the tour they will also drop you back off at your hotel or home. 

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How long are the tours and should we bring refreshments?

Our tours run approximately 4 hours.  We have both morning or afternoon tours available. All of our custom 4x4 vehicles carry ice pack coolers. You will be supplied with free sodas and water on your trip. 

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What do you recommend that we bring with us?

We recommend that you wear closed toed shoes. No sandals. Wear clothes appropriate for the weather. And most of all, BRING YOUR CAMERA.

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