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Photo Safari
This is the newest Wayward Wind program. It can be any language or any sized group!

Our new Photo Safari was designed to be easily translated into foreign languages. In fact we currently have this program available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French. With more and more international travelers visiting the Valley, we thought it was time to design something just for them.



With our Photo Safari, you will receive a customized book with your logo. We will supply you with a camera so that you may take the photos that are called for in the book. Participants will be asked to write poems about their team or organization, answer true and false questions about the desert, and share in the team building spirit.

Each vehicle can go anywhere within the mapped area, stopping anywhere and as often as they like.

Throughout the publication, you will find photographs and brief descriptions of Sonoran Desert plants and animals; it's kind of like being on tour.

Unlike rallies that are route specific, which limits practical numbers, the Photo Safari can be used for big groups. Because Wayward Wind Tours, Inc. has so many different trails; we can break big groups, sending them to five different areas.

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