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Rallies are complicated programs where experience makes all the difference.


Our rallies, as you see them today, are the end product of years of evolution. There are too many safeguards built into this program to detail here. 



One of the finest features of a Wayward Wind rally is the number of routes. We have ten rally routes. If there were less, all of the participants would just be following each other down the road, doing the same thing.

We will supply you with the rally books. The Wayward Wind rally is more than just one book with 17 pages. In its entirety, it is 10 books with 170 pages. They look alike but there are subtle differences throughout. They are very clean and professional. Appearing on the cover will be your logo. In addition we will invite your team to submit an additional list of questions about your own company to be included. With the cover sheet and the questions, our rally becomes customized just for your event. There are also other additions which can be included.

The Rally is written in limerick form with lots of western slang. In many instances we take advantage of inflections in the English language. For instance, the word right can mean a right turn or it can mean a correct turn. The word left can mean a left turn or the only choice that is left. These are only two of many examples.

The rally is a specific route. It takes you down specific trails, clueing you when to turn left, right or go straight. It clues you to stop at specific locations along the route- 40 in all. Even though our rally trail is large and varied, it does require that all of the vehicles be on the same system. Because of this, there are practical limits in number of trucks that will fit. That practical number is about 175 passengers.

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For groups that have already done desert tours, or are looking for team building activities, the Wayward Wind rally is a powerful marketing tool.

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