High energy, competitive fun! Using a unique packet of hilarious, innovative clues, Desert Trekies team-up and head thru the gauntlet of north to south, up and down, tricky trail hijinks as they get closer and closer to discovering the secret of the Lost Dutchman's motherload.  Armed with a Digital camera they search out unique landmarks, cacti and rock formations. Photographs are taken of teammates, in unique and compromising situations. The packet contains desert trivia and instructions for the team to create a team song  - all to be judged and graded at days' end with prizes awarded. Wayward Wind has two team building activities! Check us out!


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This event is a Scavenger hunt. Each team is given a unique packet of clues that guides them on their individualized search. Click above for more info! A fun activity where the teams search the desert for unique photos of the desert flora and fauna. Click above for more info!


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