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The Wild West,
The Way It Was

Whoever said that the deserts were lifeless had never been to Sonora. With nearly 2300 species of perennial plants it is a treasure house of life. Because of its rich diversity in plant life, the animal life is equally abundant. This is not only home to the Gila Monster and rattlesnake, but to bears, lions, deer and javelina as well.

You will walk with us through this other worldly landscape as our guides reveal the secrets of these exotic plants and animals to you. Scan the incredible distance to the horizon as your guide brings to life the lore of this ancient land. 

The Sonoran Desert

From roundups to mining camps, they have lived the life of their forefathers, and they share an intimacy with the land that can come only from life. Your guides will assist you in exploring the canyons and ridges as they 4-wheel the rugged trails through a forest of cactus and critters that are found nowhere else on earth.

The guides at Wayward Wind have been showing people our beautiful desert home for more than 20 years. They are colorful, competent and entertaining. Without question, these men and women are the very best in the business !

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Lifetime Memories

We remember the good old days when there were lots of trails and you could just go anywhere you wanted? With our exploding population and tightening regulations it’s not like that anymore. By being politically active and taking part in the process, Wayward Wind Tours, Inc. has not only been able to keep the trails we have, but we have acquired new ones as well. We currently have State Land Permitted Trails as well as Forest Service Trails.

The ‘Sonoran Tour’ is a good overview of the workings of the Sonoran Desert, delivered in an informative and entertaining way. Topics range from what makes a desert happen, geology, Flora, Fauna, mining to development, etc. Wayward Wind Tours, Inc. is happy to announce the addition of a new Forest System Trail to our Sonoran Jeep Tours. This trail runs the gamut with 4×4 terrain, an incredible array of Flora, Fauna, Ruins and Petroglyphs for viewing pleasure.

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