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People riding in a Jeep on a Road

Our Jeeps

Outside, inside, under the hood and underneath, there is no finer fleet of vehicles in the industry. Our tasteful tan, brown and orange color scheme not only fits the desert, but blends well with most of our subcontractors to give an overall fleet appearance. They all have ragtops with clear windows and a water tight design. Inside you will find that they are clean and roomy with tan and brown interiors.

All of our vehicles have working heaters, defrosters and windshield wipers with a spare tire and a jack. All of them have telephones and all are equipped with C.B. radios. First aid kits are required by the Tonto National Forest.

Dependable Manufacturers

We use four kinds of vehicles. Chrysler Jeeps, Chevrolet Blazers, GMC Jimmys and Ford Broncos. Because of the narrow winding and scenic nature of our trail systems, the Tonto National Forest does not allow us to use Hummers.

Two jeeps full of people...one following the other
A jeep sitting on a trail

Effective Maintenance

An old cowboy saying says it don’t matter what color you paint the goat, it’s still a goat. There are two reasons why all 12 of our Wayward Wind vehicles are in better shape today than when we bought them. The first is our willingness to reinvest in our company to keep them that way and the second is our mechanic. He is the only mechanic that we’ve ever had. We honestly believe that nobody knows more about 4x4s than he does. Our instructions to him are simple; fix it right and give us a bill.